Tyres, Batteries and Exhausts  
 TYRES, Tracking And Wheel Balancing
  Is it Time to Replace Tyres?
 Comprehensive tyre fitting service using diagnostic software for accurate wheel balancing and best performance.
  Brand Selection
  Select from an extensive range of performance or economical brands of tyres.
BF Goodrich Tyres | Dunlop Tyres | Michelin Tyres | Pirelli Tyres | Avon Tyres | Firestone Tyres | Continental Tyres | Uniroyal Tyres | Bridgestone Tyres | Goodyear Tyres | Marshal Tyres
  Check for Damage
  Tyres contain "Wear-Bars" in the grooves of the tyre tread which show up when only 1.6mm of tread remains. At this stage, tyres must be replaced. Tyres worn beyond this stage are dangerous.

Always look for bulges, cracks, cuts, splits, penetrations, and abnormal tread wear. Damage can occur within the tyre body without being visible on the outside. A vibration or ride disturbance may be a sign of tyre damage. Damaged tyres may be illegal and can be dangerous.

Visit your local Automiraj for a free check.
  Free battery health check The battery is the source of electricity in your car. It powers the starter and ignition and keeps most essentials of your car in working order. To ensure your car battery performs reliably at all times, it is essential to maintain it properly.

With a bad battery, you could be inconvenienced or even in danger in extreme weather conditions.

Drive comfortably and safely. Take advantage of our free testing of the condition of your battery.
  If you get a problem with your exhaust, get it fixed fast!  
  The noise your exhaust makes can tell you a lot about its general condition.
If you are experiencing anything unusual with your exhaust call over at our centre and have a trained exhaust specialists carry out a comprehensive inspection - completely free of charge!

Call us for a competitive quote on car exhaust systems.
For maximum safety and peace of mind it makes sense to have your brakes checked regularly. Our specialists will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive brake inspection - completely free of charge!

Are your brakes in working order? Look out for unusual sound and feel when applying brakes, loss of efficiency on heavy breaking or decent, high hard pedal, wheels locking or pulling to a side when applied.

Don't wait until it's too late. Call over for your free brake check - today!
  We supply and fit car shock absorbers, all at competitive prices.
Worn out shock absorbers are not only uncomfortable; they can also dramatically affect handling and safety. Our technicians will be happy to inspect your shock absorbers - completely free of charge!
  Is your clutch in working order? Any difficulty or inability in engaging gears, crashing noise, shuddering when pulling away, increasing engine RPM although speed is constant and distinct burning smell can all be due to a bad clutch.

Get it attended without delay and avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.